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Governing Body


Chair of the Governing Body

Mr Peter Henton                    (Community Governor)

Vice Chair of the Governing Body

Mr Matthew Freeman            (Local Authority governor)

Other Governors

Dr Sunita Agarwal                  (Parent governor)

Mr Roger Barrett-Evans        (Foundation governor)

Mrs Samantha Bradbury       (Parent governor)

Rev. Richard Davies               (Bishop’s Visitor)

Miss Jemma Richards            (Staff governor)

Miss Jane Hewitt                    (Foundation governor)

Cllr. David Howlett                 (Local Authority governor)

Mrs Eluned Hughes              (Local Authority governor)

Mrs Beth John                         (Additional community governor)

Ms Kelly John                           (Parent governor)

Ms Nicola Miles Bevan           (Parent governor)

Mr Barry Rees                         (Local Authority governor)

Mrs Christine Williams         (Foundation governor)

Cannon Brian Witt                 (Diocesan Director)

Vacancy                                    (Teacher governor)



Annual Governor Parent report – Spittal 2018-19


All other Governing Body documents are Archived and are available from the school office upon request.