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Spittal V.C. School curriculum – Curriculum for Wales  

Spittal V.C. School – Curriculum for Wales Summary


Values Education

We pride ourselves on the special ethos that the children experience from their first day in our school, strengthened by the nature of the small village community.  The Christian Values that underpin our nurturing approach at Spittal have been instrumental in the School having such a warm, friendly and industrious ethos.  You will see our Values display board in the school hall, next to our altar table, in the main corridor outside the hall and in the classrooms.  We focus on a different Value each half term and discuss this in assemblies, Circle Time sessions and in lessons.



The UN Rights of the Child is the most complete statement on children’s right which has ever been produced and is also the most ratified international human rights treaty in history.

The convention consists of 54 articles which cover all aspects of a child’s life and clearly lays out the civil, economic, social and culterual rights which all children everywhere are entitled to.   All the rights are linked and no right is more important than others.  The Convention has been in force in the UK since 1992.

As a school we focus on a different article each half term and consider how we and other children around the world uphold this right.  Our Super Ambassadors, as part of the Child Commissioner for Wales project, help lead the children on this important learning and focus.

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

In 2015 world leaders agreed to 17 global goals.  Progress has been made but there is still work to be done and the goals are more important than ever!  As a school we focus on a different goal every half term.

RSE curriculum


Relationship and Sexuality Education with yr1 at Blaenymaes Primary – YouTube

Foundation Phase – Emergent Writing development  

Emergent Writing Posters


Digital Competence Framework

Hwb + DCF parental leaflet